6’3″, 260 pounds, former center for Purdue football…sounds like a likely candidate for a tender musician, no? Well, looks can be deceiving, and despite an eclectic background, Midnight Divide frontman Austen Moret has been obsessed with songwriting since the days his two-year-old self was smashing the keys of a Casio keyboard or his grandmother’s piano. Weird right? He has…layers.

After brief stints in indie/alternative bands during 2012 – 2014, Moret finally decided the only path forward was to forge his own. Thus in 2015, via the depths of Craigslist musician ads, Midnight Divide was born. With Jace McPartland on bass, Dan Beltran on lead guitar, and Bryan King on drums, the band has released three EP’s and a single to date: Embrace The Wave (EP) in 2015, Dichotomy (EP) in 2017, Let It Be Known (single) in 2018, and Weapons-Grade Amnesia (EP) in 2019. Their music has seen solid success, with songs “Fireline” and “Let It Be Known” synced on Showtime’s critically acclaimed Shameless, and “Torn” and “Animal Eyes” placed on TNT’s Animal Kingdom.

The band is self-produced and mixed by Moret at his studio in Hollywood, Silverside Recording. Their newest EP Weapons-Grade Amnesia released on December 4th, and they’re currently releasing a by a string of new video content set to continue through Spring 2020.